Well, here we go.

Original post date: 07/19/2013

Over the past few months (since I’ve been “working from home” aka doing jack shit with my life and dying a little more with every minute that passes) I’ve been thinking that maybe I don’t want to be a career writer. I want to write shit that I care about, not really about how this dermatologist in Phoenix is the best for breast augmentations or how this dentist in Houston is going to clean your teeth like whoa. Basically, the digital drivel that fills the internet…? I don’t want that to be my career. I want my name on a hard, leather-bound book cover with my words vomited all over the pages. Kind of funny…I’m writing the digital drivel so that I can eventually publish in analog. (Nailed it.)

This…is the beginning of me trying to publish in analog.

Long story short, I want to make money without having to take on a ton of responsibility. Where’s the first place you’d think to look for something like that? The single most useful, FREE resource for finding pretty much anything from jobs, to puppies, to free casual sex. Mothafuckin’ Craigslist.

So that’s my plan. I’m going to use Craigslist as a means of income and then I’m going to write about it. It’s Craigslist; shit’s going to get weird.

As of today, I have applied for three topless housecleaning gigs and one personal assistant gig. No responses yet; stand by for updates.


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