The Terms

Original post date: 7/30/2013

I was just tphoto-8hinking that I never came up with a list of what I can and cannot do during the span of my Craigslist experiment. Call them boundaries, call them rules, I don’t care, but if this is going to be a legit experiment, I have to create some kind of outline or something. Fuck, I don’t know. It sounded like a good idea when I thought of it 5 minutes ago so humor me.

I need your help. Since people are actually taking an interest in what I’m doing, I want to know what you all think the terms should be. I have listed some questions below and it would be phenomenal if all y’all beautiful cherubs could give me some feedback. It will at least give me a shove in the right direction…towards doing really weird shit on Craigslist…for money…on my own accord…

…Actually, now that I think about it, I don’t know if any of this could be considered the “right direction”, but fuck it. (Butt fuck it.) Just answer the fucking questions.

1. As long as it is on Craigslist, is it fair game?

Some of these gigs/jobs will be more interesting than others. If I find a serving position on C-list, can I apply? Or a part-time bullshit admin job? It’s not really ideal for either of us (because let’s face it, having to work more than 2 hours to make $100 sounds like a fucking nightmare, plus I know you sick fucks want more stories about how I’ve lost all morality and dignity), but should it become necessary…can I?

Survey says?

2. Is this gonna be forever?

My first post was on July 19th. I think this is a necessary question because if I don’t at least have some idea, this could go on forever. I don’t need an exact date, but how long is too long? (That’s what she said.) How long until one of you realizes that I’m mentally unstable and have quite possibly become a prostitute? (Or if I’m really successful, maybe a prostitute/babysitter/bartender/personal assistant/sugar baby/slutty slut slut…in which case, this question would most likely prove irrelevant).

My input:

1. Until I run out of money and realize that I’ll never amount to anything and I’m a loser and I’ll die alone and actually HAVE to sell my body to survive rather than just for the sake of entertainment, or 2. Until I just feel really really bad about myself and come to terms with the fact that searching Craigslist is not a job. Eh.

3. Unrelated kind of: Am I absolutely out of my mind?

Most likely. (See also: Bitches be cray)

4. Can I write about other things?

I feel like weird shit happens to me all the time. For example: One time I ran into an open door. Another time, I saw a girl giving a guy a blow-j at a bus stop in the middle of the day. Another time, I was a swinger when I was 19.

I have stories. The ultimate goal is to publish these stories. So my question is: Will the readers give a shit? Wanna know my stories?

That’s all I can think of for now. Suggestions are always welcome.


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